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Little from the fish shop

Malá z rybárne

Original title: Little from the fish shop
Director: Jan Balej
Co-producers: Miracle film, MARLEN Media Group, Les Trois Ours
Art director: Jan Balej
Statut: Film in production
Genre: Animated feature film, lovestory, drama, fairy-tale
Language: Czek, Slovak, English and French
Running time: 75 min.
Production period: 2012 - 2014
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Deep under the sea surface, accompanied by a fish orchestra of the ocean is telling a story of the ocean of a former Sea king and his daughter Little. Like many others left the king with his mother and three daughters - Little, Middle and Eldest looted water and went to live with humans. In a darkened fish shop in the very heart of the harbor district full of immigrants, they now lead a tough life full of work and loneliness.

One day, a confident, handsome, but somewhat brash young man - H.H. enters the fish shop. Little is by the man and resounding music that accompanies it
, completely enthralled. Here begins the story of great love Little to H.H. Adaptation of the fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" one of the world's greatest storytellers H.Ch. Andersen offers a beautiful and powerful story rich in atmosphere, distinctive and unique characters, full of creative inspiration. Author of the story moved closer for an adult audience and to realities of the contemporary world.

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